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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A day for remembering

Today Dad would have turned 74 ... however, he passed away on the 8th February this year.

I've been looking back through some old photos and have selected a few to share with you ...

My Dad
Dad with his Mum & Dad (who was killed in WWII)
Mum and Dad on their wedding day

Dad loved his cars - this one was a bright orange Hemi Pacer!

Dad with his three girls
Dad with me (eldest)

Dad with Naomi (middle)

Dad with Rachel (youngest)

Poppa just being a Poppa
Poppa with Rhys (now 20) and Hayley (now 17)
Poppa with Samantha (now 19)

Poppa with Jayden, the youngest grandchild who's turning 3 very soon

 Some of Dad's other loves included -
Cooking - Dad loved to BBQ but he was just as happy in the kitchen too!
There was always a wine at hand and would never stop at just one ...

Dad loved to sip a cool beer on a warm day :-) (with Mum)

Mum and Dad both love to travel
This was taken about a year ago by one of the people who ran the Day Programme Dad was attending at the time.

Dementia picks who it wants, when it wants and it chose my Dad. 

Although it took from Dad the ability to think clearly and communicate articulately it did not take his kind, considerate nature which stayed with him until the very end. 

Dad - you are in my thoughts every day.


Vireya said...

What a lovely post, Adele,

Nikki said...

A great tribute to your Dad, Adele. My thoughts are with you.

Frances said...

Such a wonderful tribute to a very special person in our lives Adele. xxxooo

Naomi said...

Adele, this is beautiful - thank you so much for photos and true words. Lots of love always xxoo

Rose said...

I thought of your dad on Tuesday too, Adele, and sent you all a telepathic "xoxox"...hope you got it!!
Love Rosie xo

Adele - A Lass from Downunder said...

Thank you for your comments and thoughts.

Rosie - I have sent you an email reply, hopefully you receive it. Luv Adele xxoo

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