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Friday, April 29, 2011

The problem with living with chocolate lovers ...

Missing - 1 x Lindt dark chocolate bunny (less it's head)

It's a bit of a problem in our house where chocolate is concerned because my husband and daughter can sniff out a hidden stash of chocolate wherever it may be. And then once it's been found it doesn't usually last terribly long!

On Tuesday night I started enjoying this delicious bunny and had munched through his head and ears. As it was late'ish in the evening and time for bed, this was as far as I got ... and I remember thinking, I can't just leave it lying around making it far too tempting for the the chocolate lovers in our house to snaffle a piece. So I thought, I should hide it (in a not so obvious place) so it would still be there for me to enjoy the next day.

On Wednesday evening a big problem now presented itself ....... I'd hidden the bunny so well that I could not for the life of me find it!!

After hunting high and low, in obvious and not so obvious spots, I'm at a complete loss for where it could be.

"What about the husband and daughter chocolate lovers?"  I hear you ask. They've vowed that they haven't eaten it ... so I guess I will give them most of the benefit of the doubt ...

It's Thursday morning and I'm still looking while hoping for a super duper memory recall moment. Not holding my breath on that happening though!

I'll let you know if I find him ... until then be warned that it pays not to be too smart for your own good!!


Naomi said...

Hey Smarty. That pregnant brain never leaves ones head again - it has been proven once again! Did you look in the shoe rack - it has been used to hide things before. Or perhaps he hopped around like a headless bunnychook and re-hid himself. Look forward to hearing where the special hiding place was.

Adele - A Lass from Downunder said...

Just to clarify the 'pregnant brain' comment for anyone else who might happen to drop by ... No, I don't have any news to share!

Naomi and I were discussing a couple of weeks ago how your brain is never quite the same again once you've had kids.

And yes, this recent lapse in memory is probably directly linked to 'mother's brain syndrome' :-)

Nikki said...

Still no sign, huh? Chocolate-loving MOUSE in the house, perhaps...?

Frances said...

Do tell us whether you ever found that nibbled bunny ... and who the culprit was who snaffled your treasure or whether it was that "pregnant brain"!!

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