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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The big 2 ... 5 !

We made it!

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary ... I don't think I feel old enough to be in that sort of age/anniversary category but you can't argue with the numbers!!

Our wedding day, 25 years ago, was in the middle of winter in NZ and it was pouring down with rain. The fact that we needed brollies to get to and from the wedding car into the church and then across to the old historic house, situated beside the church, where we had our photos taken (because it was too wet outside) was just a minor blip and quite frankly didn't bother us very much at all.

We had such a great day with all our family and friends around us. Everything went smoothly and we ended up being among the last to leave the wedding reception (sometime between 1 - 2am) because we were enjoying ourselves too much.

Even if you don't do / won't do / can't do the Math, I'm sure you can instantly tell from our photos which decade we were married in!!! ... 2011 .. take away 25 .. equals .. mmmm???? .... Yep, right smack, bang in the middle of the 80's ... big shoulder pads, bright colours, big hair (well not so much those of us in the wedding party but quite a few of our family and friends obliged) - all the boxes were ticked. My hair was the other 80's style - spikey! Just a bit shorter than I have now so no huge, long veil for me, it was challenging enough to bobby pin in the small veil I'd chosen.

I reckon the cerise pink bridesmaid dresses were never worn again ... oh such a waste (wink wink). Along with the cerise shoes and the cerise stockings ... wait, haven't finished yet ... and the lads cerise bow ties!!!

The boys suits were hired so at least that proved to be the sensible option. I don't think it occurred to me at the time that all the boys in cream suits meant I wouldn't stand out quite so much ... and they all very bravely put on a smile for the photographer - thanks guys!

I'm know there are some weddings that are very classic in their styling, ours wasn't one but I think it's kinda nice when you can look back at the photos and tell what the trends and styles were at that time. Otherwise, think of all the missed opportunities to reminisce about those choices!

Life has thrown it's ups and downs over the years (fortunately more good than bad) but by far the biggest up has been our two beautiful children who arrived in our lives 5 and 7 years after we were married. I'm sure most couples think their lives are busy and full to the brim before kids ... things change dramatically when babies come along and your life becomes even more hectic and fulfilled in a completely different context - something I wouldn't change for anything! Our children have grown up to be wonderful young adults and we are extremely proud of them both.

We are now arriving at the next stage in our life where they will fly the coup and we will become empty nesters (not sure why those all relate to birds) but it is hard to believe how quickly the last 25 years ... quarter century!! ... has flown (there's another one) past.

I wonder if the next 25 will roll by as fast.


bec said...

You look the same! Well, a few smile lines heehee, but you'd want that after 25 happy years! GREAT poutfits, that pink...err, cerise is awesome! And the flowers- a lot of baby's breath haha. Congrats and many more to come!

Nelly said...

A huge congrats it will be 25 for me next feb yep smack in the 80s too

Nikki said...

Great 80's photos!!! And yes - many congratulations on 25 years.

Seeya tomorrow!!

CurlyPops said...

Happy Anniversary Adele - the 80's were great weren't they!
I made my deb in the 80's and my photos look really similar to yours.

Anna Bartlett said...

My, you were a child bride. Lovely pics and memories. Congratulations!

Hey - my word verification is 'bunbash' - appropriate for an anniversary post I guess!

Naomi - off the beaten track said...

As one of the lucky ones surrounded in cerise I acknowledge dear sister that the dress languished in my wardrobe for many years to be admired by eye and alas never worn again. The shoes however had an eventful later life in my daughter dressup box and the earrings and necklace I have to this day. I think we all look spectacular in our 80's style cerise/white combo. Congrats - well done you guys xxoo

Vireya said...


Frances said...

CONGRATS to you both ... I remember this day well and oh, how it rained!! Great to share your thoughts on this special day. xxx ooo

Rose said...

Hey Adele and Bruce - a huge congratulations from me .... i'm just trying to think back 25 years ago myself ... prawn trawler in the middle f the gulf of carpentaria comes to mind!!! So here's a toast, cuzzie, to the next 25 wonderful years for the 2 of you xoxoxo

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